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We are a gospel-centered community on mission to love God, to love each other, and to love our city.

Mar 2, 2018

Lent: Promise, Practice and the Point

Romans 4:13-25
Mark 8:31-38
Mark 9:2-8

Sermon by Kyle Seick, February 25, 2018


What does the Christian season of Lent mean to you? For some it may seem to be tradition not really connected to the Christian life. For some it may seem to be a tiresome obligation in order to gain a measure of favor from God.

But there is a connection between Lent and every Christian's life.

Imagine traveling north through the Rocky Mountains, hoping to experience the sight of majestic alpine landscapes...except the view is entirely obscured by thick, drifting walls of smoke from forest fires? The beauty and inspiration of the mountains cannot be clearly seen.

Now, imagine, clean rain...sweeping away the clouds, bringing clear view and sweet smell to the journey. What a gift! What a blessing can be the rain!

Now, compare the Christian season of Lent to that cleansing rain. When God seems distant, when his majesty and mercy seems disconnected from your life, the season of Lent provides a fresh view of the gospel, a renewal of our communion with God and with each other, a revival of focus in our mission as witnesses and disciples of Jesus.

Today we look at Mark's account of the gospel of Jesus and Paul's letter to the church in Rome. In these passages we find three essentials for every Christian who desires a faith that is healthy, joyful and worthwhile. Today we celebrate the Promise, the Practice, and the Point of Lent.


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