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We are a gospel-centered community on mission to love God, to love each other, and to love our city.

Dec 17, 2018


Luke 2:1-21

Sermon by Ryan Partin, December 16, 2018


Waiting is hard. It reveals our doubts and insecurities, increases our fears, heightens our anxiety. While we feel like God is most silent in our waiting, we see that He often is actually doing some incredibly beautiful things for our good and to...

Dec 13, 2018

Last week we explored the promise of “God with us” and how this promise brings hope, especially during this season of Advent. This week we step into John’s gospel and delve deeper to see that knowledge of Jesus brings lasting peace to those who have received him and become God’s children.

Join us as we continue...

Dec 4, 2018

The Promise of God With Us
Isaiah 7:10–16
Josh Hibbard

Our God is a God who desires to be with his people. Throughout the Bible we see God's faithfulness demonstrated by his presence with his people in the midst of both flourishing and conflict. Few biblical authors long for the presence of God to be known to...